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When It’s Time®: An End-of-Life Workbook for Pre-Planners and Survivors

Death is a journey everyone will experience, yet it is seldom discussed. Instead, survivors are left to navigate it on their own, unequipped and paralyzed from the loss of a loved one. When It’s Time® walks through thirteen end-of-life realities that apply to both “pre-need” planners who are preparing in advance for their own end-of-life and “at-need” survivors who are dealing with the death of a loved one. This companion workbook serves as a guide, offering practical action steps, templates, and checklists to help you develop or implement an end-of-life plan.

Expectations you can have for yourself in grief document:

What People Say


“When It’s Time” is an excellent work

Rick Craig and I have been friends for many years. If there was ever a person who could so beautifully “bind up the broken hearted…comfort those who mourn, provide for those who grieve…bestow on the hurting a crown of beauty and help others through despair and devastation” (Isaiah 61:1-3), it would be Rick.


Rick has always impressed me by his caring and unconditional love for others, especially when they were suffering a critical event, most often the result of losing their beloved. Rick has spent countless hours on an excellent resource which is sure to provide help to family members, chaplains, clergy, and students; providing the many “next steps” necessary when preparing for and answering End-of-Life questions.


One of the beauties of this book is that you can begin anywhere to start your plan. “When It’s Time” is an excellent work that will guide you through a pre-planning process that will be an incredible gift to families and loved ones.


As Rick has stated, “Regardless of what it takes to motivate you to get started, take that step today with your family in mind, because they will be most grateful!”

Senior Chaplain Lee Shaw
Napa County Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS Chaplaincy
United States Secret Service Chaplain

Rick has given us all a gift.

This is a beautiful and deeply needed resource. Rick has given us all a gift.

Rick Warren, Daily Hope

As a professional in the senior care field for over 25 years,

 I thought I knew everything about end-of-life planning…Rick’s book proved I didn’t. It was both practical and intensely thoughtful, with details so few of us would ever think of.

Every person in this field should have this book!

I laid my husband, Joe, to rest, at the

Sacramento Valley National Cemetery on October 5Th. I contacted Pastor Rick and asked him to officiate the service.

Pastor Rick led the service with prayers, a eulogy, and to our amazement, a message detailing Joes life and military service, I realized after the service the importance of the 38-Question Questionnaire© and our phone conversations were for him to be able to speak of my husband’s life with such detail and accuracy.

Thank you, Pastor Rick. You are a very special person.

With love.

June and Family

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