Read the professional endorsements for Pastor Rick
and When It’s Time® below.

I recommend Pastor Rick.

As a pastor, pastoral counselor, and volunteer chaplain, I have encountered countless families who have experienced the loss of a loved one, either thru long term illness or suddenly. Without exception, the first question asked is “what do I do now?”

Pastor Rick, thru his seminar at our church, answered so many questions to help families to prepare for those moments. He spoke through personal experience and his book, “When Its Time®, End-of-Life Planning at Any Age: Make it Part of Your Legacy outlining each chapter or scenario a family may encounter. He also offers a companion workbook, When It’s Time®, An End-of-Life Workbook for Pre-Planners and Survivors, for one to put into writing one’s directions and plans.

I highly recommend Pastor Rick as a resource to empower and prepare your people to be equipped for those difficult days. He is easily relatable to all groups.

Hi Pastor Rick,

You explained all the topics that we need to do or get started on, and told us why we needed it, and how important it is.  Not only that the future goes on without us but how it will affect our children and those who follow.  This is just what I needed.  Thank you.

As a professional in the senior care field for over 25 years,

 I thought I knew everything about end-of-life planning…Rick’s book proved I didn’t. It was both practical and intensely thoughtful, with details so few of us would ever think of.

Every person in this field should have this book!

When It’s Time is a book nobody wants and everyone needs!

Finally, there is a resource that has it all. Pastor Rick uses his own life experiences and losses to bring together a collection of the most valuable information that you can ever possess, especially after a significant loss.

But the best part is, this book is beyond applicable. When It’s Time is practical.

My encouragement is to get this book and read it now before you need it.

Dr. Charity M. Byers - Author of Unhindered and Unhindered Thirty Days, CEO and Chief Psychologist at Blessing Ranch Ministries

As an Army chaplain for thirty years as well as my time as a VA and hospice chaplain,

I have seen the confusion that comes from not knowing what “comes next” after a person dies!

Pastor Rick provides a resource that is “over the top” helpful and insightful!

When It’s Time is an exceptional work that will guide you through the “planning” process at any age, and for survivors after the loss of a loved one.

This book is a must read.

Chaplain (COL) Joanne S. Martindale, Army Chaplain, VA Chaplain and Hospice Chaplain

As a marriage and family therapist,

I have access to unlimited resources for my field of practice.

When It’s Time will be my go-to book for topics concerning planning for end-of-life and survivors navigating through loss of a loved one.

Pastor Rick has written a resource that will be a classic in its field.

It is a must read!

Tim Frederick, MFT, Napa, California

Pastor Rick has been my friend and colleague for many years.

I know him, respect him, and hold him in the highest regard. He really is one of a kind.

His knowledge and expertise on end-of-life issues are beyond comparison. Who knows all this stuff?

The answer is, someone who has lived through multiple major losses himself and, in addition, has helped countless others deal with their losses.

My encouragement is grab two copies, one for yourself and one for a close friend who needs it NOW.

Dr. John M. Walker, Psychologist and Author

When It’s Time is one of the most practical and useful books I wish I had during my public safety career in policing.

Over the years I responded to many deaths, both sudden and expected.

I watched families struggle with how to manage the difficult details and painful decisions while grieving the loss of their loved one.

Thankfully, Pastor Rick Craig has thoughtfully compiled and organized this book as a straightforward guide for anyone to methodically yet compassionately plan or prepare for an end-of-life event.

From comprehensive guides to interview questionnaires, and even useful checklist, When It’s Time starts the uncomfortable conversation that will guide important and personal decisions whether for you or the ones you love.

Most people would prefer to avoid this subject, but everyone needs to read and then use this book.

Chief John Carli, (Ret.), Vacaville, California Police Department

As a gerontologist, I applaud the concept of end-of-life education that Pastor Rick has defined so well.

He teaches us with a servant’s heart and applies his personal experience and professional expertise in every chapter for our great benefit.

This book is destined to become a beloved, dog-eared textbook by those courageous enough to digest it and put it to work in their own lives.

Bravo, Pastor Rick Craig!

Di Patterson, MSG, CPG, America’s Gerontologist CEO Success in Aging® Centers, Inc.—