Pastor Rick Craig on the Mission Matters Podcast with Scott Couchenour

Death. It’s a topic we all put off. Why is that?
Perhaps we’re afraid we’ll jinx ourselves, or we’re too busy, or because we don’t know where to start.

My guest, Rick Craig, today says that having a map to follow takes away guessing and confusion. Having the same terminology and map to follow for families when discussing end-of-life can promote cooperation among family members when engaging in topics where vision and desires may differ. 

And, well, Rick should know. He wrote a book on it.

Rick Craig has been an ordained Christian pastor for over twenty years. He felt led to share his professional and personal experiences to help others navigate this journey.

Having planned and officiated well over 150 funeral and memorial services, his expertise in this area is invaluable.

In his book, entitled When It’s Time, he shares his own stories of loss, along with others’ testimonies and insight from contributing authors who are experts in their fields.

The book contains relatable stories to guide and equip anyone to take the next steps in end-of-life planning. His aim is to help you see how a well-thought-out plan can be one of the best gifts that become part of your legacy.




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