When It’s Time® walks you through thirteen End-of-Life realities that surviving family members will inevitably encounter, offering pragmatic insights and guidance to navigate this difficult journey

End-of-Life conversations are difficult.

Not having a coach to walk you through these conversations with your family can leave a person feeling paralyzed and at a loss for words and motivation. These are circumstances I witness regularly in my ministry as an ordained pastor. When It’s Time is your comprehensive guide for this inevitable journey.

Some chapters will address pre-need topics (planners making plans in advance for their own end-of-life), some will address at-need topics (survivors dealing with the death of a loved one), and some will address both.

At the end of each chapter is a section titled “Action Steps.” These action steps capture key points in each chapter, offering you a beginning point. These action steps can also equip you to have conversations with family members and professionals as part of planning.